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   We   are    proud    to   announce   that   we   are   changing   our   company   name   from   Aegis Ltd to

   Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd , as of Oct 9, 2014.

   Having the patients’ needs at heart,  and  through  our  expanded portfolio of high quality pharmaceutical
   products, we managed to reach millions of patients all over the world.  It  is  very  exciting  for us that the
   NEW ERA of our company will be under the umbrella of the new name, Delorbis Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

   The change of name has no impact on the organization and the premises of the manufacturing site. The
   manufacturing processes, specifications, quality, brand name, efficacy and safety of the products will not
   be affected by this change

   You can expect the same service and dedication to quality that you have come to  expect  from  us  over

   the years.

   We look forward to delivering on your needs and expectations with this new branding.


 Please bear with us as our website is currently under development.